Windows PC ver 0.2 (

Android ver 0.2 (PortalWalker.apk)

Android Installation Guide

Step 1: Open your Android device Settings, select 'Security', then under 'Device administration' make sure 'Unknown Sources' is checked.
Step 2: Download or copy the PortalWalker.apk file to your device.
Step 3: Use the Android File Manager ("My Files") to locate the PortalWalker.apk and tap on it.
Step 4: Select 'Install'.
Step 5: Click the 'Portal Walker' icon from your applications menu to start the game!


Click the mouse button to make your character move towards the mouse pointer, click on characters and objects to interact with them.
Place consumable items into your bag ("B") Quick Slots to equip them, click on your character to use Quick Slot items.
Purchase tools from item shops and put them in your bag ("B") Tool Slot to use Gathering and Crafting Skills.


F8 - Toggle FULL SCREEN mode.
F9 - Toggle weather visual FX. Toggle off for better performance.
-/+ - Decrease or increase sound volume.
0 - Mute sound.
WASD/Arrow Keys - Alternate player movement controls.
ENTER - Send quick chat messages to players near you.
C - Open the Chat Menu. Close with the 'Chat' button.
B - Open and Close your Item Bag.
K - Open and Close the Skill & Stats Menu.
P - Toggle Ping/Latency indicator.


TAB - Change current target.
Q - Attack current target.
R - Attempt to run from combat.
Z - Use Quick Slot One item.
X - Use Quick Slot Two item.
S - Cancel Auto-Attacks.
1 - Use Combat Skill Tree One, Skill One
2 - Use Combat Skill Tree One, Skill Two
SHIFT + 1 - Use Combat Skill Tree Two, Skill One
SHIFT + 2 - Use Combat Skill Tree Two, Skill Two


To ensure you are using the latest version of the game client, reload this page by pressing CTRL + F5.
If you cannot connect to the server, it will most likely be due to the server being offline.
Please visit the Portal Walker Official Twitter Page for updates regarding server outages!

DISCLAIMER: Due to being in the early development stage, your account and/or progress may be deleted at any time!